Prof. Andy KoroniosProf. Andy Koronios
Professor Andy Koronios is the Head of the School of Computer & Information Science, in the Division of Information Technology, Engineering & the Environment.



Research Members
Adjunct Prof. Gerald QuirchmayrAdjunct Prof. Gerald Quirchmayr
Professor Gerald Quirchmayr holds doctorate degrees in computer science and law from Johannes Kepler University in Linz (Austria) and currently is Professor at the Institute for Computer Science and Business Informatics at the University of Vienna (Austria).


Assoc. Prof. Jiuyong LiProfessor Jiuyong Li
Assoc. Prof. Jiuyong Li holds a doctorate degree in computer science from Griffith University. He currently is an associate professor at School of Computer and Information Science of University of South Australia. His research interests are in data mining, mining biological and medical data, and privacy preserving.


Dr Tony SobeyDr Tony Sobey
Senior Lecturer and Associate Head: Academic Programs, School of Computer and Information Science, University of South Australia



Dr Nina EvansDr Nina Evans
Senior Lecturer and Associate Head: Teaching and Learning, School of Computer and Information Science, University of South Australia



Dr Jing GaoDr Jing Gao
Senior Lecturer, University of South Australia; Member of Australian Computer Society



Dr Simon ShurvilleDr Simon Shurville
Dr Simon Shurville AALIA(CS), CITP, FBCS, FHEA. Dr Shurville holds a PhD in Knowledge Based Systems and Product Design from the University of Brighton (UK).



Dr Abrar HaiderDr Abrar Haider
Research Fellow, University of South Australia



Dr Brian Hanisch
Lecturer, University of South Australia



Dr Gaye Deegan
Lecturer, University of South Australia



Dr Tina Du
Lecturer, School of Computer and Information Science, University of South Australia
Dr. Du is Associate Member of Australian Library and Information Association (AALIA). Her research interests are in interactive information retrieval, cognitive information retrieval, Web search research, human information behaviour, and library and information management.

Research Staff

Research Associate
Daniela NastasieDr Daniela Nastasie

Daniela Nastasie has a background in Electrical Engineering and Library Information Systems. Her research interests focus on Information Integration and Knowledge Representation issues from an Information Systems perspective, with application to the Asset Management domain. She is the receiver of a CIEAM scholarship in support of her PhD research: "Building a Theoretical Model for the Adoption and Diffusion of Ontologies in Road Asset Management".

Research Collaborators

Prof. Zhongzhi Shi
IKey Lab of Intelligent Information Processing,
Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Dr Michael Lane
With a PhD in Information Systems from the University of Southern Queensland, Michael is particularly interested in the development of web-based information systems, information security, business continuity management, risk management, open source software, IT outsourcing, mobile electronic commerce and new and emerging business models for electronic commerce.

Prof. Guoging Chen
Tsinghua University

Prof. Joe Peppard
Director of the Information Systems Research Centre, Cranfield University

Dr Jim Brown

Dr Marcus Gebauer
Dr Marcus Gebauer, Data Quality Officer, Director, WestLB AG, Düsseldorf, is one of the founders of the German Society for Information and Data Quality (DGIQ) and an active working group on data quality in Germany (AGIQM).

Dr Stephen Kennett
A graduate from the University of Melbourne with a B.Sc. (Hons), an M.Sc. (Nuclear Physics) and a PhD (Nuclear Astrophysics), Steve works for the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO). He has undertaken a wide range of research in interaction of lasers with materials, atmospheric optical propogation and laser eye protection. He has lead a team undertaking researching into the effects of fire on life safety and asset protection on RAN vessels. Recently his research efforts have concentrated the analysis of engineering data associated with defence assets and in particular on data quality issues associated with maintenance data.